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Background photo taken February 9, 2011 at the Nevada end of Hoover Dam. Photo of the Vietnam War Memorial,  inset at the top, was taken May 27, 2004, following the dedication of the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC..
Links to 8 videos taken with my phone at Trump Rally on Wednesday June 15, 2016:
Tape 1 of 8 Speaker Vivian Childs
Tape 2 of 8 Speaker Julianne Thompson
Tape 3 of 8 Pledge of Allegiance
Tape 4 of 8 Speaker Herman Cain
Tape 5 of 8 Speaker Steve Miller
Tape 6 of 8 Beginning of Donald Trump's Speech (1 of 3)
Tape 7 of 8 Trump's Speech (2 of 3)
Tape 8 of 8  End of Trump's speech (3 of 3)

Links to three tapes on You Tube by Georgia's U.S. Senator David Perdue. Their topic is the United States' $19 trillion debt crisis and over $100 trillion of future unfunded liabilities because of things Washington (congress) has already committed to. My question is, what did congress or the president use as collateral or security for repayment of these loans?
#1 Four Words Rarely Heard In Washington
#2 Guiding Budget Principles
#3 Putting the Debt in Perspective

To my book
Undermining the U.S. Constitution
I add this note:
Extremist Socialists, also known as Communists, like Extremist/Radical Islamists believe their ends justify their means (that is, lying, cheating, stealing, and killing).