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The photograph of the Vietnam War Memorial in the background was taken May 27, 2004, following the dedication of the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC.
When the federal government's War on Poverty started in the l960's, fathers left, with sadness, so their families could get "better" financial support from the government. Now many children grow up in federally subsidized homes without the presence or support of their fathers. Their mothers feed them with federally subsidized food stamps that do not last the month. When school is out on the weekends and in the summer, they frequently go hungry. Their self esteem suffers and they frequently miss or drop out of school. Their life choices are limited, and most center on having children out of wedlock, drug abuse, drug selling, and incarceration. Life before birth and after birth is disrespected, and violence keeps breaking out.

As a nursing educator at the college level, I taught to high stress/stakes tests, but at least my students were adults. Since 1980 when Congress established the Department of Education as a Cabinet level agency, the federal government has inserted into the grade schools high stress/stakes testing for No Child Left Behind and subsequently Common Core (now known as Georgia Milestones in Georgia). These tests, which must be passed for the school to not be judged as failing, test for advanced understanding instead of the basic knowledge suitable to the child's growth and development. So teachers are training "widgets" (or single use apps) to perform well on the tests rather than educating them to become self educators; and parents cannot help because they don't understand the Common Core method of teaching since it deviates from the classical way they were taught math and English Language Arts. (Introduction of Common Core science in 2017). So what was once an able local system of American education has been reduced by the feds to nothing more than child and teacher abuse, with teachers leaving it as fast as they can. (See Truth in American Education). 

When my husband and I moved to Macon in Bibb County, Georgia in the mid 1980’s, the city had more industry and jobs were available. Since then the Cagle factory, Brown & Williamson, and other businesses disappeared.

On this website I include the core of my book, Undermining the U.S. Constitution: How the Communist Manifesto of 1848 Blueprints the Actions of the Democratic Party and President Obama, which includes Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto. (If I liked him, I would have acknowledged Marx on the cover as a contributing author). The United Nations' Agenda 21, or "Communist Manifesto of 1992," is briefly outlined. (The North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA was signed the same year).

My purpose is twofold: to explain why I believe the Democrat Party, or "Party of Slavery: Past and Future," is largely behind these changes; and to spur patriots, or believers in the U.S. Constitution as written, to reverse them (which may make me a thorn in the side of some Republicans).

Diane S. Vann, MSN, RN